Keto Krate Subscription Box Review + Promo Code – September 2017


Keto Krate is a monthly subscription box company working to help those looking for new low carb high fat, snacks!  Keto Krate works hard to pull together hard to find keto specific items from all over the world. Each month subscribers receive 6-8 keto friendly items. Each product has less than 5 net carbs, is gluten-free and never contains malitol!  This box makes eating keto super easy, helps subscribers learn about new products and makes snacking fun!

Cost:  $34.95/month

Shipping: US - $4.95

Coupon Code: GMBFIVEOFF - Get $5 off your first box!

The September Keto Krate includes a spectacular info card. The info card illuminates each product, highlights the greatness of the company and the significance of their products, notes website and a coupon code for 10-30% off the products. The featured product this month is the Know Foods Better Cookie.


The reverse side of the info card is a full-on recipe for a KZ Clean Eating Nougat Cheesecake. The recipe uses half of the full-sized jar of the KZ Clean Eating’s Nougatcreme including in this month’s box.


Know Better Foods-Know Better Cookie 

This is the featured product for September 2017 and worthy of being featured! The box a single packaged cookie, flavor double chocolate. At first glance of the Know Better Cookie, I for the life of me could not figure out how they got 4g net carbs, looking at the label the carbs to my count were much higher. I emailed Keto Krate and Know Better Foods and must say that BOTH have excellent customer service. I received replies and information within 24 hours and have learned about a new sweetener that does NOT affect blood glucose called Allulose! Allulose is a natural, non-GMO certified and found in foods like maple syrup, figs, and raisins. Allulose has only 10% of the calories of sugar and is not recognized by the body as a carbohydrate and has a low glycemic index. The strange thing to me and what confused me is that allulose needs to be listed as a sugar on nutrition labels.


This is seriously the best cookie I have ever tasted! It has great texture and a hint of cinnamon. I must order more Know Foods, with the featured coupon from Keto Krate all products are 30% off!


KZ Clean Eating-Nougatcreme Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (fat 11g net carb 2 g)

There is a full sized container of this KZ Clean Eating Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, it is the key ingredient in the September box Featured Recipe. Divine. The KZ Clean Eating Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is heaven! I tasted it right out of the container and had to refrain from eating myself silly. The recipe featured on the back of the info card is one I will be trying immediately!

Adapt Your Life-Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bar (fat 12g, net carb 1g)

This bar has been carefully formulated with a blend of three protein sources to ensure that blood and insulin levels are affected as little as possible.

I have had Adapt bars in the past. The texture is perfect and the bars tame a sweet tooth but are not overly sweet. Cinnamon Swirl is sure to become a new favorite.


Ayoba-Yo Original Biltong ( fat 4.5g, net carb 0g)

Ayoba-Yo’s is a grass-fed, high protein, sugar free beef snack whose texture falls somewhere between jerky and prosciutto.

Fantastic. Great texture, not too dry and will travel well. These traditional biltong beef slices are a perfect way to snack on the go!

Skout Backcountry-Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Pumpkin Seeds (fat 16 g, net carb 1g)

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Skout Backcountry’s plant-based expedition food is the manifestation of the passionate pursuit of adventure coupled with a commitment to organic sustainability and ingredient transparency. Pumpkin seeds are high in key electrolytes needed on a complete keto diet.

I enjoyed these Organic Roasted Pumpkin Seeds more than I imagined I would….the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt offers a bold contrast to the mild seed.


Gilded Nut-Original Blend Pistachios (fat 13g, net carbs 4g)

Gilded Nut’s roasted California pistachios are made in small batches and tumbled in extra virgin olive oil and whole herbs and spices only. No preservatives, added sugar or funny ingredients whatsoever. A delicious, nutritious everyday snack, they pair wonderfully with wine and are also perfect for jazzing up cheese boards and charcuterie plates.

Delicious savory crunchy snack. In the Keto world, it is hard to find so much crunch. I would love to try other flavors!


Roam Sticks-Hickory Smoked Pork with Uncured Bacon (fat 7g, net carbs 1 g)

This Roam Stick is sweet and savory. The texture is good, and it tastes fresh. I would love to try a spicy version and hope that Keto Krate will source one for a future box.


Overall, this September 2017 Keto Krate box is a treat for the tastebuds without the carbs. The retail value of the box at $35.53 does not cover the monthly cost plus shipping. However, it is nice to find such a wonderful curation and a key new product ingredient this month sent this box into the innovative category to me. I feel that assortment of treats offers a good balance of sweet and savory, and I highly value the recipe card and am inspired to make the EZ Clean Eating Nougat Cheesecake recipe treat for an upcoming celebration we are attending. At my house, we are constantly counting carbohydrates. I like that this month, I was surprised to learn of a new low glycemic sweetener, Allulose. Keto Krate has introduced me to something that I am not sure I would have stumbled upon on my own. I will look for this ingredient in more products to open up the low-carb snacking world for my household. This month’s Keto Krate featured an awesome array of snacks, and an education too! This box is a perfect monthly treat from a company that truly cares about what they are providing to their subscribers.

What do you think of Keto Krate?

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