Keto Krate Subscription Box Review + Promo Code – October 2017


Keto Krate is a monthly subscription box company working to help those looking for new low carb high fat, snacks!  Keto Krate works hard to pull together hard to find keto specific items from all over the world. Each month subscribers receive 6-8 keto friendly items. Each product has less than 5 net carbs, is gluten-free and never contains malitol!  This box makes eating keto super easy, helps subscribers learn about new products and makes snacking fun!

Cost: $34.95/month

Shipping: US - $4.95

Coupon Code: GMBFIVEOFF - Get $5 off your first box!


The October Keto Krate includes a beautiful info card. The info card illuminates each product, highlights the greatness of the company and the significance of their product is Good Dee’s Chocolate Cake Mix.


The reverse side of the info card is a full-on recipe for Guy’s BBQ Sauce, BBQ Chicken Pizza. The base is cauliflower and mozzarella cheese, topped with veggies, and Guy’s BBQ sauce, it looks absolutely delicious!


Good Dee’s Chocolate Cake Mix

This product is featured as a brand new product rolled out for Keto Krate customers to try first!! Awesome! The cake has 1 net carb, no malitol, made with sunflower seeds, is gluten-free, sugar-free, and soy free. Phew, I think I am in love! It is so awesome to get a baking kit in Keto Krate. In my home, we really try to reduce overall net carbs and do not bake with regular flour. We are always searching for new recipes and testing them. Good Dee’s makes this weekend's baking EASY, we are all looking forward to trying out this Chocolate Snack Cake! It really creates a very lush subscription box for me.

good dees.jpg

Sweetwood Bully Jalepeño Beef Bar 

This is a full-sized Jalepeño, Hickory Smoked Beef bar, no nitrites, no MSG, and is gluten-free.


Big John’s-Original Beef Jerky

Big John’s Original Beef Jerky is hand crafted and slow smoked over real hickory flavor for over 14 hours!


 Nush-Banana Nut Cake

Nush is a team of people who’ve gotten off the sugar-and-carb roller coaster and love how much better they feel. Only problem was-much as they love food like veggies and nuts and cheese-they missed the baked stuff. So they invented Nush snack cakes, a yummy and not too sweet treat!

I simply can't wait to eat this with my morning coffee! It looks like perfection.

October 2017 Keto Krate

Legendary Foods-Buffalo Blue Wing Seasoned Almonds 

No sugar added, no cane juice, and no honey. These Buffalo Blue Wing seasoned almonds are a spin on a traditional bar snack. Legendary foods have a complete line of flavored nut butters and seasoned nuts...other flavors include; Apple Pie Almond Cashew Nut butter and Cheddar Bacon almond.

Hooked. I just want to eat more of these, all the time. These have a heat just like spicy wing sauce wood, and the texture is perfect with the seasoning. My girls enjoyed them though they were spicy, the heat did not last too long.

Raw Rev-Cream Peanut Butter & Sea Salt Bar

Made from minimally processed plant based ingredients, infused with raw superfoods and loaded with antioxidants, Glo will leave you feeling satisfied and radiant from the inside out.

The texture of this bar is incredible. It is unusual to find a made with sunflower bar on the market and this bar delivers a creamy subtly sweet bar, easy to pack for travel and eating when you need a quick bite on the go. The Raw Rev Glo was a new type of food for my girls and was a total hit. We look forward to trying all the flavors and stocking the shelf!


Protes Toasted Coconut Protein Chips

Protes chips contain 15g of protein per bag, more than 7x as much as most brands and chips. With fewer calories, carbs and fat, and more fiber, what’s not to love?

At first bite, I was delighted with the coconut flavor of these Protes protein chips, then somewhere mid-chew I got a taste of something burnt...the look on my youngest daughters face was telling of the taste in my mouth. My oldest girl likes these very much. It is possible we have an overcooked bag, for me, if this is the real flavor of these chips, they are not my thing… I do love the idea of them, and the whole bag is only 4 net carbs!! I would love to try again….


Guys BBQ Sauce-Original BBQ Sauce 

Guy’s is the most popular sugar free BBQ sauce in North America's. Guy has an award winning line of up BBQ, with 5 flavors to choose from.

This sauce is a key ingredient in the recipe of the month featured on the back of the info card. We are looking forward to slathering this on all things barbecued!


October’s Keto Krate was my favorite so far. Every single product I was excited to see when I opened the box. Nice full-sized items made the box feel lush. The mix of savory and sweet was perfect, and a good mix of items I have never heard of. The featured product alone made getting this month’s box total rock star-ish! To receive the Good Dee’s Chocolate snack cake as a sneak preview before it is available to the public makes me feel special! Keto Krate has done it again with items that are innovative and help to make the keto/low carb/low sugar lifestyle fun and exciting! Great box, great value, a perfect gift for your fellow keto-er. Keto Krate is perfect for anyone that wants to reduce carbs and keep blood sugars stable!

What do you think of Keto Krate?

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