ipsy Glam Bag – June Review

ipsy Glam Bag - June Review
I was seriously waiting outside my house for my ipsy Glam Bag today. The anticipation was too much ya’ll! This is only my second Glam Bag, but I’m obsessed! I really enjoy this subscription. I was a happy girl once the pink shiny bubble envelope was in my hands. I tore it open and kind of knew what to expect, but I didn’t know everything I was getting. I love the surprise because everyone's bag is different.

Here’s what was inside:

J.Cat Beauty - Sparkling Cream Palette

J.Cat Beauty - Sparkling Cream Palette

Everyone loves a little sparkle! Add a healthy dosage of sparkle in your life with the cream palette that comes in a variety of complementing colors. The creamy texture allows the sparkle to be applied easily with an applicator onto your skin.
*This product should be used on the body and not on the eye area.

So when I saw this of course I thought  that it was eyeshadow, but no it’s body glitter. This will be great for when I go to the club and when I rub up against someone while we’re dancing and I leave some glitter on them or for the disco costume contest I got coming up...(kidding). Yeah I have no use for this so...

Starlooks Lip Pencil - Tipsy

Starlooks Lip Pencil - Tipsy

Starlooks' long-lasting, full-coverage Lip Pencil enhances the shape of your lips and gives them perfect definition. This creamy, moisturizing formula glides on softly to smooth lips and ensure lipstick stays in place, while extending its wear.

Great something I can use! I can always use a new lipliner. I’ve also never tried any Starlooks products, so it’ll be nice to get to try something from them. This looks like a pretty shade, so I’m happy with this.

NYX Cream Blush - Natural

NYX Cream Blush - Natural

Adding a healthy glow to cheeks is effortless with the variety of blush styles and shades available from NYX Cosmetics!

I love this colour, but why a cream blush? I’m not really a fan of cream blushes. I will give it a try though.

Cailyn Cosmetics - Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner with Brush Built-In

Cailyn Cosmetics - Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner with Brush Built-In

Whether you are trying to create the eyes of a runway model or the classic look of a 60's Hollywood star, the Cailyn Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner can make any style possible! The easy to use built-in brush makes it perfect for taking on-the-go. The Cailyn Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner brushes on smooth and stays moist just long enough for wearers to perfect their look. Once dry, the gel is smudge-proof and waterproof for 24 hours. The highly concentrated pigment of the liner creates lusciously smooth lines and is safe for sensitive eyes.

I love this! I prefer these type of eyeliners, so I’ll definitely use this. Only wish I got it in black or maybe a dark purple. This is a dark grey.

J.Cat Beauty - Eyelash + Eyelash Glue

J.Cat Beauty - Eyelash + Eyelash Glue (ipsy Glam Bag - June Review)

Create some drama with these voluminous faux eyelashes! Available in 30 different styles that you won’t be able to resist. Each includes an individual eyelash adhesive to last you all day long!

I was disappointed to get this. I was so hoping I wouldn’t get this, but what can you do. I don’t wear false eyelashes and don’t plan on it any time soon, so I’ll give these away.

BaubleBar- O-Ring Stud Wrap
Bonus Item

BaubleBar- O-Ring Stud Wrap (ipsy Glam Bag - June Review)

I received this because I referred two friends. So I want to say thanks for signing up. I truly appreciate it! This is a cute bracelet! I love everything about it and it fits great on my small wrist.

So this month wasn’t the most satisfying for me, but I ended with some cool products and I love the leopard print bag this month and my extra goodie. I am definitely hanging on to this subscription. I think it’s an amazing deal for only just under $15 a month for Canadians and $10 if you’re in the U.S. You always get a great value for the products. If you don’t subscribe you should really consider it. Here’s my link if you want to check it out. Did you like your Glam Bag this month? What do you think of this subscription?

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