Golden Tote Surprise Item Tote Review – July 2014

Golden Tote Surprise Item Tote Review – July 2014

Golden Tote is a monthly fashion subscription that offers two tote options each month.

Golden Tote is the ultimate 'Surprise Grab Bag' filled with clothing and accessories for women. Working with carefully selected fashion brands and designing our own fashion favorites, we curate an eclectic assortment of treasures and package them all up in a custom tote bag for one amazing price.

In addition to their subscription, you can shop their boutique and purchase clothing and accessories. They introduced The Surprise Item Tote which is not a subscription, but a one-time purchase containing 4-5 surprise items. The items are all surprise items not 'chosen' items from previous or current months. Items could range from dresses, tops, pants and accessories.


$99 + Shipping - US $7.95, Alaska & Hawaii $15 and International $25.

Golden Tote Surprise Item Tote Review

I've never subscribed to Golden Tote, but have always been interested and love seeing what other people get. When I saw the Surprise Item Tote go on sale, I just couldn’t resist! FYI - The Surprise Item Tote is still available (you can find it in the Shop The Boutique section).

I was so excited to see what was sent to me. I wouldn't say that Golden Tote is exactly my style of clothing, so I was a little worried I wouldn’t like some of the items. Why do I do this to myself lol?

Lumière Top

This is the first item I pulled out. I like the casual look of it, but it’s very loose-fitting. Just a simple everyday shirt.

Golden Tote Surprise Item Tote Review – July 2014

Under Skies Top

This is pretty! I don't have anything like it, so that’s good. The only thing I don’t like is the ruffle that goes down the front of the shirt - I’ll still wear it though.

Golden Tote Surprise Item Tote Review – July 2014

Hourglass Lilly Long Tank Top

Now this is me! I love the print and the style! At first I thought it was a dress, but because of the way it's cut on the sides, I think this is a long tank top or tunic? It’ll have to worn with leggings or pants.

Golden Tote Surprise Item Tote Review – July 2014

Collective Concepts Printed Tank Dress

Oh, wow! I really like this dress! I’m not sure I’d go for this if I saw it in a store, but I love the style of it! It's very flattering on, so I’m very pleased with this!

Golden Tote Surprise Item Tote Review – July 2014

Ok, so my Golden Tote Surprise item Tote was pretty good! Most of the items fit well, so that’s a relief. I could only find a price for the dress, but the value of the entire tote seems be fair comparing it to similar items I found online. I totally want to get another tote now, but I find the shipping fee to Canada too high, so that is what will restrain me.

What do you think of the Golden Tote Surprise Item Tote? Did you get one and if so, what do you get and were you happy with it?

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