Field to Cup Subscription Box Review + Promo Code – October 2017


Field to Cup is a monthly tea subscription box. Every month, Field to Cup helps you discover unique tastes and flavors from tea farms from all over the world. You receive a small sample of a variety of teas in the style that you like, so you can get a taste. If you like the tea, you can order more of that flavor from Field to Cup's website. Each selection comes with tea-specific steeping instructions and tasting notes to make it easier for your cup of tea to be just right at home or in the office. Only the freshest teas are sent and packaged in a resealable moisture-proof pack to keep them fresh, no tea dust, and no preservatives. The subscription box selections are plentiful, ranging from a modest Tea Explorer box with 12-14 cups worth of tea and a 10% discount on purchases from that box, to a Premium Tea Discovery Box at $45.97 a month with 60 all organic cups of tea and a 50% discount on teas purchased from the box that month. All teas are high quality loose-leaf teas, and are from the top artisanal tea farms from around the world. Currently Field to Cup is running a Fall Sale and many of the subscription boxes are on sale.


  • Tea Explorer - $6.97/month (USD)
  • Tea Discovery - $24.97/month (USD)
  • Tea Discovery Plus - $39.97/month (USD)
  • Premium Tea Discovery - $45.97/ month (USD)
  • Wellness Herbal Discovery - $29.97/month (USD)

Shipping: US - Free | International starting at $14, calculated at check out.

Coupon Code: GMB20 - Save 20% off your subscription!

I received the Premium Tea Discovery Box with 8 teas and an added bonus tea, the box came with tea bags to prepare the loose leaf teas.

The Field to Cup subscription box came in a small brown box with a simple and elegant logo on it. The packaging was clean, and the box was packed nicely.

Inside there was a Welcome Card, welcoming me to the family, inviting me to share my thoughts about the tea journey at hand, and a handwritten note inviting me to reach out with questions and a kind thought for “happy sipping”.


An October info card was in the box. The page folded with a nice picture and some thoughts about the exciting fall flavors inside this month's box, a word about accumulating points for every $1 spent and a link to this month's steeping guide.


Black Tea-Whiskey Cream Truffle

A smooth blend of black tea with chocolate nibs and whiskey cream essence.

Ingredients: Black tea (India, Sri Lanka, and China), cocoa nibs, and natural whiskey flavoring. No alcohol is added to this product.

Late this morning when my husband finished off the pot of coffee, I turned to this Black Tea, Whiskey Cream Truffle, instead of brewing a second pot of coffee. This tea is bold, hearty and full of flavor! It gave me that little pick me up I was looking for, I enjoyed this so very much!


Rooibos Tea-Pumpkin Patch

A smooth blend of Rooibos with bits of pumpkin and honeydew melon.

Ingredients: Rooibos tea, honeydew melon, apple, natural pumpkin flavoring, stinging nettle leaves, pumpkin pieces, and sunflower blossoms. No caffeine.

This tea smells terrific and is full of pieces of fruit.


Fruit Tea-Orange Vanilla Twist

A light blend of pumpkin with orange peel and vanilla pieces.

Ingredients: Pumpkin, apple, orange peel, natural orange flavoring, vanilla pieces, safflower, and tangerine pieces.

This tea may be a bit on the sweet side for me, it looks gorgeous...I never knew that tea could be fruit and spice!


Wellness Tea: First Response

A soothing blend of echinacea with peppermint and elderberry.

Ingredients: Echinacea, elderberry, elderflower, peppermint, red clover, rose hips, and yarrow.

Just looking at this tea and smelling this tea makes me feel good… is everything comfort, and everything healing.


Oolong Tea-Jasmine Delight

A medium bodied jasmine oolong with notes of apricot and grass.

Ingredients: Oolong.


Black Tea-Red Yunnan Delight

A light bodied and smooth black tea with golden tips from Anxi Province.

Ingredients: Yunnan Hong Cha.

It is funny to me how this is a red tea, but nothing is red in the packet. I certainly need to learn more about tea, and this is just the box to help me do it!


Black Tea-Pumpkin Spice Chai

A rich blend of black tea leaves with delicious pumpkin spices.

Ingredients: Black tea, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, clove, nutmeg.


Green Tea-Organic Jasmine Lavender

A playful blend of Jasmine green tea leaves, with lavender buds and citrus notes.

Ingredients: Organic jasmine green tea, organic lavender buds, organic houjicha, organic citrus flavoring.

I love hearty green tea. The mix of jasmine lavender softens the green tea flavor a bit, without creating a sappy sweet blend. Love it!


I really enjoyed this month’s Field to Cup. I pride myself a constant coffee drinker if I am being completely honest. Getting to know the beautiful, carefully sourced teas in this Field to Cup box may have me converting to the land of the tea drinker before the month is up. I enjoyed the cozy autumn flavors of many of this month’s teas. I enjoyed the steeping instructions and being in the moment with each tea. I felt like I was having an “experience” rather than just chasing a caffeine buzz. Field to Cup helped me to slow down and savor the moment. I look forward to enjoying this experience cup after cup.

What do you think of Field to Cup?

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