Fancy Mystery Box

Fancy Mystery Box

I'm sure you've all heard by now that Fancy has released the Fancy Mystery Box. You have a choice between the Women's Box or the Men's Box.

Everyone loves a surprise, so treat yourself (or someone else) to a Fancy Mystery Box! You'll receive $30+ retail value worth of goods. We would tell you more, but then we'd ruin the surprise! Just pick an option, Men's or Women's, and we'll pick out some items that tickle your Fancy. 

Cost: $10 + shipping. Shipping to US - $7.95. Shipping to Canada - $19.95.

I wasn't going to get this box because the shipping fees to Canada are outrageous! I was actually pretty pissed about it! I'm not proud to say that I caved, and bought the Women's Box. Ugh! I hope I don't end up kicking myself for this one. I've seen one review already and the box's value was over $100, so I'm hoping my box will be just as good. We shall see.

If you want in on the Fancy Mystery Box, I'd be very grateful if you'd use my link. I haven't been doing any Fancy reviews lately and that's because it's too expensive, but if you use my link and I can get some credits, then hopefully I can bring you some more Fancy reviews in the near future. Is that cool?

Have any of you received your Fancy Mystery Box yet? If so, please tell me what you got. I'm dying to know what everyone's getting!

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