Dottiebox Review – March 2015

Dottiebox Review – March 2015

Dottiebox is a subscription box curated every month for women. They feature high quality handmade items, small businesses, and indie brands. Boxes feature a range of products from home items, beauty/hair, bath products, candles, nail products, jewelry, edible items, coupons, causes, and eco-friendly.

Dottiebox has 2 boxes – Regular Dottiebox and Mini. You can purchase a subscription or buy a box without a subscription.


  • Mini Dottiebox $10/month  – Shipping $3 (US), $9 (Canada)
  • Dottiebox $20/month – Shipping $6 (US), $12 (Canada)

Now that Dottiebox ships to Canada, it's quickly becoming a favourite box of mine and shipping time is pretty fast considering it's coming from the US.

Dottiebox Review – March 2015

Totally Tish Silver "Inspire" Necklace

This necklace is cute, simple and has a nice message. I think I'll pass this on to someone who I know will love it.

Dottiebox Review – March 2015

Harvest Co. "Sparkle & Shine" Pencils

These say Sparkle & Shine on them. I like that they're gold, feels a little more classy than just plain pencils.

Dottiebox Review – March 2015

Life In Mint Vintage Bottle Cap Magnets

These are handmade bottle cap magnets. I like that they're from vintage soda bottles.

Dottiebox Review – March 2015

Itty Bitty Bubbles & Co. Bubble Bath Cup

This has a cute name - Unicorn Tears and it smells like bubble gum. I'm not quite sure if this is soap or bubble bath? I assume it's bubble bath, but I wish it specified what to do with this on the info card.

Dottiebox Review – March 2015

Chalkboard Labels

I received 12 labels and a piece of chalk, but I doubt these actually cost $10. Regardless, they're fun and I'll definitely find a use for them.

Dottiebox Review – March 2015

March's Dottiebox has a total value of $33. While it's not my one of my favourite Dottiebox's, I will use some of the items and a few will make nice gifts. Luckily for anyone who used to subscribe to MissionCute (they no longer ship internationally) or wanted to, Dottiebox would be an excellent replacement box. It's like the equivalent and it's less expensive.

What do you think of Dottiebox?

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