Cypress & 5th Grab Bag Review – January 2015

Cypress & 5th Grab Bag Review – January 2015

Cypress & 5th is a women’s apparel and accessories subscription box. They released a Grab Bag recently filled with 4-5 Cypress & 5th items (one-time purchase). Items range from tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories including but not limited to necklaces, bracelets, clutches, nail polish and so on. Items will be chosen from 2014 inventory. All bags are non-refundable.

Choose from 2 distinct bags:

  • The Classic Bag: chic, stylish and simple with primary and bold colours.
  • The Bohemian Bag: feminine, flowy and artistic with neutral and bright colours.

Cost: $89 – Free shipping to US, $9.95 to Canada.

Coupon Code: New2015 – Save 15% off! (Exp. Jan.31/15)

Cypress & 5th Grab Bag Review – January 2015

I couldn't resist this deal and was hoping to get more clothing than accessories. Sadly, my Grab Bag was a huge disappointment! I chose the Classic Bag. Here's what I received:

On Twelfth Cynthia Blouse
$32 $20

A mint green blouse with 3/4 sleeves and cinched waist. I pretty much hate everything about this blouse! I tried to keep an open mind and tried it on but no, this blouse doesn't look good on me at all!

Cypress & 5th Grab Bag Review – January 2015

Ya Los Angeles Studded LBD
$64 $24

There's nothing wrong with this dress and it fits well, but this isn't a dress I'd wear anywhere. It's not my style either. It just has too much going for on for me.

Cypress & 5th Grab Bag Review – January 2015

Gold & Turquoise Bangles

There wasn't a price tag on these, so I have no value. These bangles are cute, but you can see the gold chipping off on them. Very cheap, I'm not impressed! I don't wear bangles anyway because they always slip off my wrists.

Cypress & 5th Grab Bag Review – January 2015

Gold & Purple Drop Earrings

I don't mind these earrings, they're pretty, but perhaps I just went with the wrong style of bag. I was going to get the Bohemian Bag, but decided on the Classic Bag at the last moment. I'm not sure if I'll actually wear these.

Cypress & 5th Grab Bag Review – January 2015

Both of the dresses are on sale at Cypress & 5th, so based on those prices, I don't feel I got a very good deal. On top of that, I just didn't like my Grab Bag, but that's my luck. Not much I can do about it other than selling the dresses which is what I'll try to do. The dresses are in size Small, so if you're interested in them let me know and we can work something out. Grab Bags are still available, be sure to use the coupon code!

Cypress & 5th is also a styling service that collects your personal style and size preference through a short Style Profile Questionnaire. You then get an invite to a personalized “Dressing Room” from which you can choose one potential outfit or just items you love:  any top, bottom and accessory combo OR a dress/romper and accessory for $74.95/month. They also have a Trend Box subscription that sends 3-4 accessories each month. It costs $24.95/month.

Did you happen to get a Cypress & 5th Grab Bag?

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