Captain Toto Review + Promo Code – April 2015

Captain Toto Review + Promo Code – April 2015

Captain Toto is a subscription service offering monthly envelopes brimming with awesomely designed stickers. Each envelope is addressed to your child who will love receiving a bright, distinctive package of fun in the mailbox.

Cost: $6.90/month

Shipping: Free to US and Canada. $1 internationally.

Promo Code: START - Save 50% off your first month!

Inside the blue envelope there is a letter from Captain Toto and 3 sheets of stickers. Captain Toto is an adventurous traveler, who dreams of helping kids discover new places, cultures and traditions. Each month you'll discover a new destination. This month we visit Paris, France.

Captain TOTO Review + Promo Code – April 2015

The letter includes stories about Paris and there are quiz questions. The stickers in the letter help you solve the quiz.

Captain TOTO Review + Promo Code – April 2015

The stickers are made with the best quality available, so they are 100% safe for children, fade resistant for 3 to 5 years, and the printing itself is water-resistant. The stickers have been tested on different surfaces (including laptops, tablets, walls, furniture) and can assure you they are easy to remove, and do not leave any marks.

Captain TOTO Review + Promo Code – April 2015

I think the stickers are super cute and fun! The boys enjoyed it a lot! It's a great way to learn about different places and I'm all for games or activities that make learning fun. I would've loved this when I was a child. I loved stickers and learning about new places.

Captain Toto is an inexpensive children's subscription that is fun, simple and to the point. If you have a child who loves getting their own mail and enjoys stickers, than this would be a great subscription for them! I'm not sure how long the 50% off code will be good for, but it's a great discount so take advantage of it while you can.

What do you think of Captain Toto?

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