Cannonball Collective Review – July 2015

Cannonball Collective Review – July 2015

Cannonball Collective is quarterly subscription box is for people who love to learn and who want to create fun and meaningful experiences for themselves, Cannonball Collective gives you the inspiration and the tools to make it all happen.

We believe there is a strong desire for good, solid, interesting, inspiring, and entertaining storytelling, particularly delivered digitally. But while it’s fun to discover and learn through reading about stuff, actually doing the stuff takes you that extra mile. We want to encourage people to try things for themselves and we aim to make it easy for them to do so. Adding a tangible experience to a digital discovery platform gives folks the full story. Enter stage left— the Cannonball Kit. And from stage right—the curated Catalog.

And so we created Cannonball Collective, our platform that highlights remarkable stories and provides the tools for others to experience things. Our content is king, the experience is queen. And we believe by connecting both, we not only bridge the gap between digital and analog, but we also bring the whole thing full circle in a lovely, kick-ass and fun way.

Cost: $95/quarter

This quarter is called "Torn & Frayed" and is all about reviving old things, specifically clothing.

Cannonball Collective Review – July 2015

This Cannonball Collective's first box and while I wasn't quite sure what to expect, it all made sense once I opened the box. They get high marks for packaging and presentation! The first thing I saw is the Revival Magazine. 

Cannonball Collective Review – July 2015

A 28 page 'look book", inspiration guide, with feature interviews and articles. I read the whole thing and enjoyed how it's written. No pretentiousness here! It's very well done!

Cannonball Collective Review – July 2015

Underneath the magazine is this awesome tin box! The Torn & Frayed Kit unites English skill, equally English hardware, Japanese textiles, and a California ‘Zine. All so you can revive your torn & frayed jeans, sweater, or jacket.

Cannonball Collective Review – July 2015

From England, Merchant & Mills produces a range of patterns, kits, and fabrics, along with insanely high-quality sewing notions.

Merchant & Mills Wide Bow Scissors

4-inches of tough, sharp, cool, black steel. These allow for pinpoint precision.

Merchant & Mills Long Darners

10 needles of varying sizes in a turned wooden case.

Merchant & Mills Dressmaking Pins

Top notch nickel-plated pins. Pins are underrated and under-used. If you're going to patch, pin that sucker in there! Otherwise, it will shift around on you.

Merchant & Mills Tailor’s Thimble

Nobody likes blood; protect your finger with this shiny gem. It offers both finger protection and helps dexterity because it's capless. That means it has an open top, so you can still feel and control the fabric you're working on.

Cannonball Collective Review – July 2015

Japanese Textiles

An array of high quality Japanese fabric swatches to get you started. Japanese textiles are some of the world's most beautiful and highest quality.

MOCO Thread
$6.95 each

Six strong strands of gorgeous thread. Crafted in Japan, FUJIX describes this thread as "fluffy hand-stitching thread that has a fluffy, thick feel". It's made of six stands, so depending on what you're working on you can use just one strand to all six.

Cannonball Collective Review – July 2015

Marukawa Fuken Gum 

Just a little extra something to sweeten the deal and a card featuring different stitches. The magazine also has a page on cool stitches.

Cannonball Collective Review – July 2015

Cannonball Collective brings me back to my dressmaking and design days, so I thoroughly enjoyed it! The kit has all top-quality products, some of which I don't already have. They'll most likely last a lifetime. I have a few items that need repairing so I will be putting be these tools to the test. You can see there was a lot of thought that went into the curation and I love how this box inspires you to take on the dying art form of sewing. They are no step-by-step instructions or measured procedures here, only examples to work from. That's intentional. It's all about the willingness to try, and a bit of time to work your magic. 

This is Cannonball Collective's very first box and this particular box not be for everyone, but I'm very interested and excited to see what's in store for the next edition! So far they have a great thing going!

What do you think of Cannonball Collective?

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