Candy Adriatico Review – May 2016

Candy Adriatico Review – May 2016

Candy Adriatico is a monthly candy subscription box filled with high quality candies picked by hand from Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, the countries that share the Adriatic Sea. You will receive authentic candies that are made in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, candies that are often hard to find or even impossible to get in your store. All candies are enclosed in their original packaging. Each box will be different, so you’ll discover new surprises and delights each month. In each box you will be also surprised with an original postcard with one of the cities of the Adriatico group.

Cost: Mini Mix Box - €13.90/month ($20+/month - CAD) or Maxi Mix Box - €49.90 ($72+/month - CAD)

Shipping: Free worldwide

The postcard has a hand written note which is a nice touch! I want to visit that castle!

Candy Adriatico Review – May 2016

Noisette Gorenjka Chocolate (Slovenia)

A thin bar of fine milk chocolate combined with noisette cream with crushed hazelnuts added.

Candy Adriatico Review – May 2016

Rondo XXL (Croatia)

Pineapple candies with vitamin C. It's the best-selling small candy on the Croatian market!

Candy Adriatico Review – May 2016

Alpenliebe Candies (Italy)

These candies have a rich combination of milk and caramel and it has a unique mouth-feel, making it an irresistible treat. The rich and smooth milky taste appeals to the sweet tooth of both kids and adults. Remarkable smooth texture and high quality packaging make Alpenliebe irresistible for everyone.

Candy Adriatico Review – May 2016

Ferrero Duplo White (Italy)

Duplo is a chocolate bar produced by Ferrero which is an Italian manufacturer of branded chocolate and confectionery products, the third biggest in the world. Duplo White is a very delicious combination of the crunchiness of a fine waffle wafer covered with white chocolate, a soft hazelnut creamy filling and precious whole hazelnut.

Ringo Goal Cookies (Italy) 

The biscuits are produced by Ringo Pavesi, born in the early sixties. Traditionally Ringo is composed of two cookies (one vanilla and one cocoa), joined together by a layer of cream to milk, although in the following years, numerous variants have been produced. Ringo Goal cookies are tea biscuits with milk cream and covered with chocolate. Delicious little snack for every day.

Candy Adriatico Review – May 2016

Bacci Di Sassello Cookies (Italy)

Made with the best ingredients, all carefully selected: in addition to the hazelnut – strictly from Piemonte – they contain soft wheat flour, sugar and margarine of the finest quality. Pure chocolate and fine cocoa are the ingredients of the creme with which the two biscuits kiss each other. Mine are completely smashed up, so I didn't bother eating them. There was also this one piece of what I assume is orange flavoured candy.

Candy Adriatico Review – May 2016

It's near impossible to come up with a total value, but if you like unique candies from this region, Candy Adriatico could be a good box for you to try.

What do you think of Candy Adriatico?


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