Bulu Box Review + Coupon Code – September 2015

Note from Lisa: I'd like to introduce our new blog contributor, Ray. Ray is a biologist by day and leads an active lifestyle as a hockey goalie and runner. He recently discovered subscription boxes and hopes that by providing his opinion on them that it may help you with your decision. Ray will be reviewing a variety of boxes for GMB and we're thrilled to have him!

Bulu Box Review + Coupon Code – September 2015

Bulu Box is the first health, nutrition and weight loss discovery subscription box designed to help you feel your best. Each month, you’ll get a custom box filled with a new mix of 4 to 5 premium samples from top brands to try. Every sample is sufficient enough to decide if the product is right for you. Share your thoughts about each product in our sample surveys and you can earn 50+ Rewards Points (that’s $5!) each month!

Bulu Box offers two different boxes: Bulu Box Original (A well-rounded sampling of all things health and nutrition) and Bulu Box Weight Loss (Curated specifically to help with the varying factors of weight loss.).

Cost: $10/month – Free shipping.

Ships: US only.

Coupon Codes:

  • FALL15 – Get 3 months for $15. (Exp. Oct. 25)
  • FALL29 – Get 6 months for $29. (Exp. Oct. 25)
  • FALL54 – Get 12 months for $54 ($4.50/box). (Exp. Oct. 25)

Bulu Box Review + Coupon Code – September 2015

SK Energy Strawberry Lemonade

The bottle is small enough that you could carry it with you on a run or during a workout. SK gets its energy (250 mg caffeine in the Regular, 280 mg in the Extra Strength) from natural caffeine sourced from green coffee beans, with green tea and essential vitamins like B3, B6 and B12. There is no taurine or guarana. I tried the strawberry lemonade but they also come in berry, grape, and pomegranate flavour. The strawberry lemonade was very sweet with the bitterness of the lemons in the aftertaste. I liken it to a sour patch kid candy but not as sour. As for the effects, I found it delivered a short-term burst of energy as promised but I would not want to rely on this as a source of energy for a workout. When I tried it I had about three hours sleep the night before and it gave me the kickstart I needed to get myself to work. I would use it again if I found myself drifting in the afternoon or just before a hockey game to give me a bit of a jump.

Bulu Box Review + Coupon Code – September 2015

360 Stim Intense Focus and Energy Formula

360 Stim is supposed to be the strongest focus formula available. It also boasts to be fast acting and a fast absorbing sustained energy supply that comes without the side effect of a crash. None of these claims have been verified by the FDA. The suggested use is a capsule in the morning, 30 min. before breakfast on an empty stomach. Then a second capsule in the afternoon or evening also on an empty stomach. So whats in a capsule? You can find the following, Caffeine Anhydrous (1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine), Phenlethylamine, Synephrine HCL, Hardening, Bacopa (stems and leaves), Green Tea Extract (leaf) 15%, Rhodiola (root), Schizandra (berry). Does it work? I got to try two capsules, good for a day. I have to say that I really liked it. It did not give me an edgy feeling and left me with a sustained energy burst throughout the day. I never felt hyper or over stimulated.

Bulu Box Review + Coupon Code – September 2015

Pocket Protein

Pocket Protein is a liquid protein product made from a blend of hydrolyzed collagen and whey protein isolate. It is also TSE/BSE safe. The protein sources are GMO-Free. It has 0 Fat, 0 Sugar, 0 Carbs and is Gluten and Lactose free. It’s pricey at $3.10 a pouch. This supplement is generally used for building muscle or losing weight. I use these types of liquid proteins or gels for my long runs to give myself a sustained store of energy.  I tried the raspberry flavour and I found the flavour to be quite strong, almost to the point that I could not finish it. It was a good snack size and might supplement a quick burst of protein but I did not find it very satisfying. I do like that it is a liquid and doesn’t need much effort to get it down during a workout or run. I find that you really need to try it for yourself if you are interested in this product. My experience is that they work differently for different people. 

Bulu Box Review + Coupon Code – September 2015


SPORTea is a decaffeinated herbal tea with no added sugar sources so you don’t crash after drinking it. It’s tea so it has no calories. It contains a unique blend of the finest imported teas, including black and green teas, and other herbs. It also contains ginseng, ginger, Brazilian maté, Vitamin C, and Potassium. It’s a good option if you want a natural stimulant. It had a nice flavour but I did not find it gave me a huge energy boost like some other energy drinks but in its defense, there is very little caffeine.

Bulu Box Review + Coupon Code – September 2015

Enfusia Muscle Bath Bombs

Blended with muscle-soothing epsom salts and a reinvigorating essential oil blend of peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus and tea tree Epsom salts, Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Kaolin Clay, Sweet Almond & Jojoba Oil, Essential and/or Fragrance Oils. It’s small compared to some other bath bombs and the fizz that it creates was a bit weak. I did love the odour that met my nostrils. The smell of the peppermint and spearmint were lovely.  

Bulu Box Review + Coupon Code – September 2015

The total value is $8.76. My overall impression of the box is pretty good, but the value could be better. I like being able to try new products but more important you can see which ones don’t work. The box is also based on a profile you provide so it focuses on what’s important to you. One thing that bothered me was the 2 oz bath bomb that comes in the sampler. The Enfusia website sells a 9.5 oz one and a mini bath bomb at 4 oz. So it’s no real surprise that bath bomb was not all that impressive in a bathtub full of water. If you're considering subscribing to Bulu Box, be sure to use one of the coupon codes above to get your money's worth.

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