Bokksu Subscription Box Review – July 2017

Bokksu Subscription Box Review – July 2017

Bokksu is a premium Japanese snack subscription box. Bokksu is unlike any other Japanese snack subscription. They handpick snacks that people in Japan actually eat and curate them into beautiful themed boxes every month. They are also the only Japanese box subscription that includes a Tea Pairing specifically selected to complement that month's delicacies as well as a Tasting Guide that describes the story and flavours of each item in the box. Don’t forget the Bokksu Rewards Club. You can earn points and redeem them for exclusive rewards like coupons and free boxes!

There are 2 box options:

  • Classic Box - $39/month
  • Tasting Box (US only) - $19/month

Shipping: Free - Worldwide

Bokksu Subscription Box Review – July 2017

This month we visit the beaches of Okinawa. Known as Japan’s tropical paradise, it is also well-known for its unique take on food. It is well-known for its pineapples and kokuto. Pineapples are so famous that you can visit a location named Pineapple Park. Here you can come and watch the pineapples grow! Bokksu brings you on a tropical adventure so that you can experience snacks from thousands of miles away.

Bokksu Subscription Box Review – July 2017

Beni Imo Milk Manju

Manju is a traditional Japanese confection made with flour rice powder and buckwheat. Instead of the classic red bean paste. This delectable treat has a beni imo (purple yam native to Okinawa) filling and is a fun purple delight!

Pineapple Batake

This Okinawan cookie is so delightfully soft and chewy. Take a bite and enjoy its filling made from sun soaked pineapples grown in Okinawa.

Bokksu Subscription Box Review – July 2017

Pineapple Stick Cake

Only in the season from June to August, this soft and spongy stick cake is a twist on regular cakes due to the sweet aroma and tiny bits of Okinawan pineapples.

Anly’s Chura Wich (Brown Sugar & Rum Raisins)

This surprisingly fragrant sandwich cookie is full of creamy kokuto filling and chewy run raisins which make it an ideal treat for snacking.

Bokksu Subscription Box Review – July 2017

Brown Sugar Okinawa Chinsuko

Chinsuko is one of Okinawa’s famous confections and is a wildly popular omiyage (souvenir). Reminiscent of shortbread this traditional Okinawan biscuit is perfectly crumbly and has a rich deep flavour from the added kokuto.

Brown Sugar Karinto (Donuts)

With the shape and feel of a karinto (sweet deep-fried dough) this stick doughnut is coated with Okinawa’s famous kokuto. Enjoy the tasty combination of crunchiness and softness.

Bokksu Subscription Box Review – July 2017

Okinawa Salt Cheese Cookie

With savory notes brought out by the premium Okinawan salt, this cheese cookie melts in your mouth the moment you bit into it.

Okinawa Soba

These savory deep-fried soba noodles tossed in Okinawan red pepper are deliciously addictive and pair well with a cold drink like mugicha. It’s crunch texture and tantalizing flavour will make it your go-to snack for the summer.

Bokksu Subscription Box Review – July 2017

Mugicha Barley Tea

Mugicha is synonymous with summer in Japan. Usually served cold, this refreshing tea has perfect nutty notes and is caffeine free which makes it a great replacement for coffee due to its similar toasty flavour.

Bokksu Subscription Box Review – July 2017

Great trip to Okinawa, I only wish I could stay longer. Many new favourites were discovered this month. Another super offering from Bokksu. I truly appreciate the dedication and attention that goes into each snack selection. For example having the Okinawa soba with the mugicha tea was fun. This is how the snack is enjoyed locally and I was given what I needed to share the experience. A little bit of sunshine and beaches and it would have been perfect.

What do you think of Bokksu?

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