Birchbox Canada Review –February 2015

Birchbox Canada Review –February 2015

Birchbox Canada is one of the latest US subscription boxes that has started shipping to Canada. Every month, Birchbox subscribers will receive a curated box of 5 beauty, grooming, and/or lifestyle samples. Fill out your beauty profile right after you sign up, so your first box will be tailored to your preferences (i.e., hair type, skin tone, etc). You can shop your box on your profile page, get free shipping on that month’s sampled brands, and review your products for points—you’ll earn 10 Birchbox Points for each submitted feedback form.

Cost: $10/month + $4.95 Shipping. Annual subscription – $100 + Shipping.

Birchbox not only ships to the US and Canada, but also France, Spain and the UK. Birchbox Canada isn’t the same as the US Birchbox. We don’t get all the perks that they do, not yet anyways, but so far I am really liking Birchbox and the rewards points system is very good I have to say!

The box is so cute this month!

Birchbox Canada Review –February 2015


derma e Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Scrub
$3.38/1 oz

I've wanted to try something from this brand and this scrub is suitable for my skin type. The gentle formula sloughs away dead cells and deep cleans pores for a younger, more radiant glow.

Birchbox Canada Review –February 2015

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips
$3.40/3 ml

Originally created for new mothers facing sore nipples from breastfeeding, Dr. Lipp’s ultra hydrating, healing formula later gained a rep as the ultimate lip gloss, primer and multipurpose balm among savvy London makeup artists. Purified Lanolin is the closest thing to your skin’s own natural oils so it provides instant effective relief and the complex combination of lipids replenishes dryness and seals in moisture. 

This is a very small sample, but a little will go a long way. The balm is very thick and feels good on my lips. You can also use it on cuticles, split ends, sunburns, and even diaper rash.

Birchbox Canada Review –February 2015

TOCCA Crema da Mano Hand Cream (Cleopatra)
$5/1 oz

This is another brand I've wanted to try! I can smell the cucumber in the tube, but when I apply it, I can really smell the grapefruit (it's nice scent combination). This hand cream is actually really good and it does absorb in a flash! I would buy more of this!

Birchbox Canada Review –February 2015

Noir Cosmetics Long-Wear Eyeliner

Noir’s stay-put black eyeliner combines the ease of a pencil with the drama of a liquid liner. It glides on like a velvety crayon and doesn’t shift, fade, or run. Plus, the waterproof formula means that your perfectly defined eyes will last through a tearjerker movie, flash rainstorm, or your best friend’s wedding.

Birchbox Canada Review –February 2015

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Creamy Lip Stain (Heartthrob)
$10.69/0.79 oz

I love lip stains and this colour! This creamy lip stain is vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free.

Birchbox Canada Review –February 2015

Febraury's Birchbox has a total value of $37.47. I like all the products and it's a great value! I'm happy with the sample sizes too! I don't think I'll keep the eyeliner though, it's not something I need right now. If you're looking for a good beauty box, Birchbox is a good choice!

What do you think of Birchbox?

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