Beauty Box 5 Review – April 2013


My Beauty Box 5 arrived and I almost thought I got an empty box, it was so light. Thankfully it wasn’t. I’m still liking Beauty Box 5 and should probably just upgrade to the annual subscription (for $100 you get 2 months free). Not only do you get makeup, but they send you useful beauty tools that I always need but don’t have. Like this month included a new product that I’m sure a lot of us don’t have, but could definitely use.

The Brush Hanger


This will come in handy. A hanger for your makeup brushes to dry after you’ve washed them. It’s always best to hang your brushes upside down so the water falls away from your brush, but how do you do it? I’ve learned a few tricks, but this is perfect. You can can use the hook to hang it or there’s a suction cup on the back.

La Fresh Instant Body Soother


Whenever I get these samples I’m always like not again! I’ve gotten so many from different sub. boxes. They’re ok and useful, but I’m just like meh.

Jean Pierre Cosmetics Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues


I laughed when I saw this, cause just the other day I noticed I’m getting very low and will soon need some more. I’ve never used these particular ones, but to me they’re all the same. Glad I got this!

Brazen Eyeshadow in Birthday Suit


I received this eyeshadow in a previous BB5, but in a different colour. This shade looks sort like a light golden brown colour. I’m liking it.

Model Co. Lip Liner in Nude


The package says it’s a lip enhancement kit. To me kit means more than one product, but it’s just a lip liner. It’s a nude colour which I need and I love getting new lip liners, so this is a great!

Once again I’m happy with the box this month. All things I need and will use. I didn’t put a value on this box. I know the lip liner alone is $22, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. If you haven’t subscribed, you should give it a try. Did you like this month’s Beauty Box 5? Tell me what you think.


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