Beautiful Being Box Review + Coupon Code – September 2015

Beautiful Being Box Review – September 2015

Beautiful Being Box is a new monthly Canadian lifestyle subscription box. Each box includes a scrumptious tea, a couple of daily useful products, something to inspire and motivate you, and a special gift. These products will vary among jewelry, bath products, hair accessories, natural beauty products, healthy snacks, notebooks, motivational prints, seasonal products (things like mittens, socks, sunglasses), etc. Not only do they strive to promote self-love, positivity, healthy lifestyles, and the recognition of natural and inner beauty with their box, but they also wish to support as many small businesses as they can – with an emphasis on Canadian Easy businesses but also featuring some from other parts of the world.

Cost: $19.99/month (CDN)

Shipping: $1.99 to Canada, $3.49 to US, and $5.99 to anywhere else in the world!

Coupon Code: GMB10 - Save 10% off your order, as well as your name will be entered into a draw for a free December package!

This is the very first Beautiful Being Box and I'm excited to see yet another new Canadian lifestyle box! 

Beautiful Being Box Review – September 2015

Beautiful Being Box mentioned that they are working on improving packaging. The packaging isn't very fancy, but that doesn't bother me at all.

Beautiful Being Box Review – September 2015

Bayleaf Buttons Custom Flamingo Pocket Mirror

A little mirror with a flamingo and message on one side and mirror on the other. It's small enough to keep in your bag without it taking up much space.

Beautiful Being Box Review – September 2015

Humani-T Cafe Organic Peppermint Tea

A generous 50 g bag of peppermint tea that has an unforgettable pungent 2nd cut (the best cut) peppermint. Peppermint tea is known to relieve stomach problems, aid digestion, relieve nausea, fever and cough, and boost immune system among other things.

Bear Earth Herbals Organic Cotton Reusable Tea Bags

There is actually two tea bags that were included. I use these type of tea bags regularly, they're a great way to infuse loose teas.

Beautiful Being Box Review – September 2015

Fox Point Paper "Colour Your Heart Out" Colouring Book

A simple little colouring book by artist Kristy Boisvert. She makes and designs the artwork in these books. Each page features woodland creatures and has a positive message. The boys will love this!

Beautiful Being Box Review – September 2015

Beautiful Being Box Review – September 2015

Upcycle Lifestyle Soft Elastic Hair Ties

I don't use these hair ties for my hair, but I know some people love them. I use them for other purposes, like on small gift boxes.

Beautiful Being Box Review – September 2015

Aestas Calor Rose Quartz Healing Pendant Necklace

My favourite item in the box is this pretty necklace! I'm all about long chains and I love gold, so this fits my style to a T. The beautiful Rose Quartz crystal healing stone pendant has a subtle sparkle with rustic charm, perfect to complete a boho chic look!

Beautiful Being Box Review – September 2015

The total value of the first Beautiful Being Box is just over $38. I thought this was a fun box with a nice variety of products from small businesses. All the businesses featured in this box are Canadian, except for the tea bags. It's a very good first box and I enjoyed all the items included. It's a great way discover and support small businesses and I'm happy to see another new Canadian subscription box!

What do you think of Beautiful Being Box?

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