Beauty Box 5 – Huge Promo Code!


Whoa! This is too good of a deal to pass up and I had to let everyone know! Beauty Box 5 is offering $20 off their yearly subscription plan! The yearly plan costs $99, which when you break it down costs $8.25 / month. That is already a very affordable subscription, but with this promo code, it will bring the cost down to $79 for the yearly plan ($6.58 / month - no extra shipping fees). That's insane!

Code: BB5YRLY to save $20 off the yearly subscription. Sign up before February 7th, 2014.

Beauty Box 5 is an affordable beauty subscription box that delivers 5 beauty products every month. Products range from skin care, makeup and beauty tools.

I already have a yearly subscription, but I would definitely get in on this if I didn't already subscribe. If you've never subscribed to BB5 before, now is the time! This box is sometimes hit or miss with me, but it's always one that I recommend if you're looking for an inexpensive beauty box that has a variety of products.

Hurry and sign up before Feb. 7th. Subscribe here!

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  • Oh I shared this too, just such a good deal!

    • I know, an amazing deal! I can’t believe it!

  • Susan T.

    My subscription expires in March. I emailed to see if I could use the code to renew and they said
    “We are currently using this Promo code to get our subscribers to
    resubscribe in to the new system so they can take advantage of the new
    account login and referral program.” So I renewed using the code! Awesome deal! :)

    • I know, what a deal! You don’t see that too often.

  • ramblingjen

    I shared this as well (with credit to you of course)!

    • I saw that! Thank you so much!!