Umba Box – July Review

Umba Box - July Review
I was looking for a different subscription box, something other than beauty products. I had heard of Umba Box and thought I would subscribe to see what they had to offer.

Umba Box curates a box of 2-3 women's handmade goods: jewelry, accessories, home goods, bath products, or stationary.

“We are passionate about handmade products and the connections that can be forged between consumers and artists. We shine a light on handmade products by including a story about the artist in each Umba Box. Ultimately, Umba Box is special because of the insight each subscriber gains into the lives of artisans.”

Umba Box offers month-to-month and 3, 6, or 12 month prepaid subscriptions beginning at just $25/month + $5 shipping in the US or $9 shipping to Canada.

When I received the box I could not get over how small the box was (about 4"x 4"). Right there I knew it wasn't a good sign.

Umba Box - July Review

Here’s what I received in my box:

Umba Box - July Review - First Look

First Look

Poppy & Elle - Hair Ties
$4.50 / 3

Umba Box - July Review

Umba Box - July Review

Poppy and Elle sells elastic solid, print, glitter and tie dye hair ties that can also be worn as bracelets. With a wider band and more style than your average elastic, these hair ties won't leave dents or damage hair.

The first thing I saw were these hair ties. I know they’re somewhat popular, but I hoped I would never ever receive them in a subscription box. Are these really appealing to people?

Kate Grenier Designs - Bottle Cap Magnets

Umba Box - July Review

Umba Box - July Review

Six-pack set of insects themed magnets, made in the USA from recycled bottle caps. our magnetic expressions make fabulous and unique gifts and can be used in the kitchen, office or on any magnetic surface.

I can appreciate that these are made from recycled materials, but come on! Bottle caps of insects - oooh just what I’ve always wanted!

Green Daffodil Soy Candleworks - Citronella Candle

Umba Box - July Review

Umba Box - July Review

To help add to your outdoor living pleasure we have added a pure citronella candle to our line up. Burn it and it will tell the mosquitos to buzz off, while you enjoy the herbal smell of citronella essential oil that we use. So are you Green? Well, our 100% soy candles can help! With their clean burn (no soot), long burn time, and wonderful scent throw, they are certainly compelling factors to get excited about. But you are also enjoying a green product made from an oil that is completely renewable, sustainable, eco-friendly, grown in America, carbon neutral and is just an all-around positive product.

Now this actually is a good product. It’s an excellent quality candle and I love how dedicated the creators are to making such a wonderful, eco-friendly product.

Overall, I was not at all happy with Umba Box. Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of this box! That’s why I really do feel bad about giving it a negative review. I will admit I have high expectations for subscription boxes and this felt like a waste of money to me! This could be a great box for someone else if handmade products are your thing, then by all means check them out. I do encourage and support small businesses like these. I am glad I got to try out a new subscription box, but I don't think I'll be getting this one again any time soon. Have you subscribed to Umba Box? What do you think?

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