PB&Jealous Subscription Box Review + Promo Code – November 2017

PB&Jealous is a monthly subscription box that curates a special combination of high quality nut butters, and fruit spreads from creators unheard of. Each month PB&Jealous subscribers receive handcrafted artisan nut butters and a delicious all natural jam, jelly or preserve. You may choose a “sweet” box or a “sweet and savory” option depending on your preference. The founder is dedicated to bringing to your doorstep, the best PB&J you have ever experienced.

Cost: $27/month - Save with longer plans

Shipping: Free - US only

Promo Code: GIRLMEETSPBJ – Save $5 off your first order.

If you love PB&J, then this box is for you. If you know someone who can’t get enough PB & Jelly, then this is a great gift idea. I had a question regarding the box and received a very quick and thorough answer, customer service was eager to help and clearly excited about their product.


The November PB&Jealous does not include an info card. The products came wrapped in pink tissue lying on a bed of shredded magazines for padding. The box was bagged in a plastic box marked FRAGILE when it arrived. A good step to keep the box protected during shipping.

Peanut Butter Americano Cinnamon Honey Peanut Butter

Savor this Southwestern twist on an old American favorite, swirled with cinnamon spice and wildflower honey right from the Sonoran Desert. Recipes Available online.

This straight up is delicious a great fresh peanut flavor with good pieces of crunch. This Cinnamon Honey peanut butter took be make to my childhood when now and again I would eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich at my Grandmother’s.

Laura Ann’s Jams Wild Blueberry Almond Jam

An exotic Mediterranean Almond finish perfectly complements the lovely, fresh blueberries bursting from the jar. Inspired by the aromatic sweetness of a exotic Moroccan marketplace, this jam is a delicious blend of tart wild blueberry and almond.

This is a Premium Artisan blend, the story of Laura Ann is simply amazing and inspiring. The flavors offered by her company are upbeat and refreshing. Recipes are available on Laura Ann’s Jams website.

I had to do it almost immediately after opening this box. I made a tried and true, PB & Jealous recommended Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. This was an absolute first for me, I had never heard of putting butter on bread, spreading peanut butter and jelly inside and grilling it like a grilled cheese...well it sounded like a heavenly idea. I made these for the girls for lunch, it was absolutely divine! For real, out of this world warm ooey gooey delight! The Peanut Butter Americano Cinnamon Honey was a nice sweet complement to the low sugar Laura Ann’s Wild Blueberry Almond Jam. The girls asked for seconds….I had to grant them there wish, it would have been cruel not to give them another bite of bliss!

The Jam Stand Blueberry Vanilla Jam 
Approximately $2

The Jam Stand is committed to bringing unique flavors to every table in town! Currently, this is small operation, but with flavors like Peachy Sriracha and Drunken Monkey, in no time at all, I am sure they will be big time.

November’s PB&Jealous was a very fun box receive. I was exceptionally impressed with how the products went together. While the products in the box did not exceed the $27 a month subscription fee, I do feel that the box is a good value. The shipping is rolled into the subscription fee and you will get this perfectly curated and highly small batches box of goodness to your door. I look forward to the stories of many other nut butter and jam makers in the future, and perhaps I can get past the grilled PB&J to actually make a recipe provided on the sites….not ashamed if I do not. Seriously anyone not getting this box that loves nut butter and totally tasty jams and jelly is JEALOUS! Yup, so true….

What do you think of PB&Jealous?

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