Q Box Review + Promo Code – Lifestyle Subscription Box – January 2014

Q Box Review + Promo Code – Lifestyle Subscription Box – January 2014

Q Box, who kindly sent me this box to review, is a lifestyle subscription box, which contains 5-7 full size cute items, delivered every month right to your doorstep. Hand-selected cute items in beauty, fashion, accessories and home. You'll receive 5-7 full-size products and premium items, value over $70. Every box includes a piece of high quality jewelry. Most brands are from Japan & South Korean.

Cost: $24.95 a month - ships to US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Belgium,Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, Austria, Brazil, and Finland.

Promo Code: RRN28U9 gets you $3 off your first Q Box.

Q Box Review + Promo Code – Lifestyle Subscription Box – January 2014

Q Box First Look

First Look

Q Box Second Look

Second Look

I was immediately impressed with how nicely it was packaged. After untying the string, I was even more happy to see so many items in the box. I have to say that I’m much more likely to get a box again that doesn’t skimp on the products. The more, the better I say!

Bow Magic Leak Proof Silicone Mug/Cup Lid

I really need something like this! My coffee sometimes gets cold before I’m done drinking it, so now I can keep it warm with this adorable lid.

Bow Magic Leak Proof Silicone Mug/Cup Lid

Metal Feathers Shaped Reading Bookmark

Hello Kitty Cable Cord Holder Clip

These clips hold your cables to keep them untangled and out of the way.

Metal Feathers Shaped Reading Bookmark & Hello Kitty Cable Cord Holder Clip

Mom Bird’s Nest Necklace

This isn’t exactly my style, but it’s very good quality and would be make a nice gift.

Mom Bird’s Nest Necklace

Mom Bird’s Nest Necklace - Closer Look

Closer Look

Mini Berkin Coin Case

A cute novelty item. Something I could see a little girl enjoying.

Mini Berkin Coin Case

Sparrow Keyring & Key Holder

This is just too cute! The house acts as a keyring holder that mounts onto the wall and the sparrow is used as your keyring. The sparrow is also a whistle if you ever have an emergency (lets hope you never have to use it for that though).

Sparrow Keyring & Key Holder

Sparrow Keyring & Key Holder

Crystal Touch Screen Stylus/Ballpoint Pen

A purple pen with little purple crystals inside. I love pens and like that this one has a dual purpose with the stylus at the other end.

 Crystal Touch Screen Stylus/Ballpoint Pen


Thinsations! Fudge Drizzled Caramel Popcorn, Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate and 2 samples of tea from Stash Premium. I can definitely appreciate these extras. The popcorn is already gone and it was delish!

Q Box - Snacks

I thought Q Box was great! I love these type of boxes, it was a lot of fun to open and everything was just so cute! This box may be better suited for a younger girl, but I know for myself, I'll use most of these items. This box has an extremely good value at $78.93, not including the snacks. Q Box would make a fabulous gift, don't you think?! I am more into lifestyle boxes these days, as much I love my beauty products, I just have far too much, so Q Box was a nice change.

What do you think of Q Box? Don’t forget to use the promo code to save $3 off your first box!

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  • Karen Box

    I’ve never heard of Q Box. I’m so excited about it though! What a great assortment of fun items. That mug lid is adorbs!

    • With being a new box, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but it was such a fun box! I know, I love the mug lid too!

  • Erica G.

    This is a new box to me. It looks great though! i’d love to try out a box like this.

    Reviews Until You Drop

    • I was pleasantly surprised by this new one. Very cute items!

  • This is definitely a great gift for girls and women still tuned in to their inner girls. :)

    • What girl could resist this box?!

  • I think the sparrow is adorable! This is a really fun box overall. Maybe they’ll include some cute stationery in future editions. :)

    • That would be nice. I could see stationery in future boxes.

  • Ashly Eyler

    This is a totally cute box! I love that they have lifestyle products :) Super fun! And the sparrow key ring holder is ADORABLE! :)

    • So cute! Very fun box to to open!