Instaglam Box Review – July 2014

Instaglam Box Review – July 2014

Instaglam is a fashion and accessory subscription box that help women feel glam while giving them the ultimate shopping experience.

Instaglam offers a few different boxes to choose from. There’s the Full Theme Box which features a sweet mix of costume jewelry perfectly paired with a top. The Accessory Box features a sweet mix of costume jewelry in one of our favorite color combinations. The Mixer Box features a 3 item surprise costume jewelry accessory mix.

Cost: Full Theme Box - $59, Accessory Box - $49, Mixer Box - $10. Shipping is extra. Ships to Canada and US.

This is the Full Theme Box.

Instaglam Box Review – July 2014

Mint Blossom Statement Necklace

How pretty is this necklace?! I love the mint green! A great statement necklace.

Instaglam Box Review – July 2014

Hinged Cuff Bracelet & Light Coral Stone Bangle Bracelet

I love these cuffs, but I don’t wear them because my wrists are so small and they just slide off.

Instaglam Box Review – July 2014

Faux Pearl Earrings

I’m not big on pearls, but I like that you get so many in different colours.

Instaglam Box Review – July 2014

Flower Ring & Stone Ring (Stretchable)

Two big statement rings! I love the stone one!

Instaglam Box Review – July 2014

Gold Flower Earrings

Instaglam Box Review – July 2014

Ivory Top

Out of everything I think this is my favourite piece! I just love this shirt! I think it's great that this box has both accessories and clothing! A really great summer top that will go with all the pieces in this box!

Instaglam Box Review – July 2014

I believe this box was supposed to have a nail polish too, but there wasn’t one in my box. Not a big deal to me, but if this were a box I bought, I would've contacted Instaglam to let them know. I found this to be an interesting and fun box. You have a box full of costume jewelry that you can style for so many looks! I’ll be the first to say that the jewelry is not the highest quality, but it’s great for the woman who just loves to accessorize and play around with different styles. I love that there was a shirt included, it really brought the box up a level. You should check them out if you love accessories and like to glam-it-up!

What do you think of Instaglam? Your kind of subscription box?

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  • Laura Davis

    Thanks doll! The nail polish wasn’t included because I’m still working out customs clarifications!

    • I figured that was the case. Thanks again!

  • Sarah @

    This box looks like a lot of fun. I appreciate how they say it’s costume jewelry instead of pretending it’s real jewelry like some boxes do. This is a fantastic mix of jewelry, too, not to mention the fun of getting a new top. I also have some issues with cuffs because of my tiny hands and wrists. It’s no fun when you fling your arm out, gesticulating wildly, while storytelling and your bracelet goes flying off. :)

    • Ah, so you can relate! I mean, I like my slim arms, but yeah bracelets don’t always work do they? Lol.

    • Laura Davis

      Thank you for the nice comment Sarah! :)