i-Ella The List – April Review

i-Ella The List - April Review

[box type="note" border="full" icon="none"] UPDATE -  Since I first posted this review, I have experienced disrespectful customer service from Ella Gorgla and I DO NOT encourage anyone to subscribe to i-Ella The List. I'm appalled and offended as to how I was treated and will not support a business that treats its customers this way. [/box]

My latest subscription box review is for i-Ella The List Gift Bag. After much debating about whether to subscribe or not, I’m so glad I did. This is a monthly mystery gift bag filled with designer goodies and free product samples. These are high end, quality items and you’ll receive current season merchandise. This is by far my most expensive subscription to date. I’m happy to say it was worth it.

There are 3 bags to choose from:

Starter Bag - $59 / month

~Let's get started with the Starter Bag and discover what amazing pieces you can get at such a great price.

Soho Bag - $129 / month

~Soho is the center of all things cool. This bag is no exception.

St. Barth’s Bag - $389 / month

~As the name implies, this bag is pure luxury. For big names, bold pieces and drool worthy fashion, choose the St. Barth's Bag.

Once you select which bag you want, you then fill out a style profile, so they can customize your order. I chose the Starter Bag, because being my first time subscribing I wasn’t sure what to expect and also because there’s an additional shipping fee of $30 to have it shipped to Canada. So it ends up being pretty pricey.

i-Ella The List - April Review

I had to wait a very long time for this bag, but when it arrived it was so exciting I couldn’t wait to see the surprise. You can expect to either get one piece of clothing or a pair of shoes with the Starter Bag and a few extras. Here it what I got:

Charles Philip Smoking Slippers

i-Ella The List - April Review

i-Ella The List - April Review

i-Ella The List - April Review

Charles Philip has been creating 'smoking slippers' long before they became all the rage. From Saks to Bergdorf...and The List, Charles Philip is the go-to designer when it comes to these classics.

These shoes are so my style! They are $175 pair of shoes, can you believe it! I love them! In fact, last year I purchased a really cheap version of them. So they definitely got my style right.

Herban Essentials Towelettes & Olivella Nourishment Cream and Bath & Shower Gel

i-Ella The List - April Review

I got a variety of these. I’m glad there was a whole bunch to try. These will come in handy.

S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Exfoliant

i-Ella The List - April Review

An exfoliant made from only 3 ingredients. Can’t go wrong with that. Something new to try.

I was very happy with this bag! I can only imagine what I’ll get next month! I really would love the chance to review one of the other bags, maybe one day! Unless someone wants to sponsor my addiction haha!

The day after I got my bag I received an email from Ella herself wanting to know my thoughts on what I received. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to see how much she cared about my satisfaction and what I would like to see different with my next bag. I let her know my thoughts and she said she would do her best to accommodate my wishes. It confirmed to me I made a good decision subscribing. As expensive as this subscription is, you won’t be disappointed. I should mention that if you do subscribe, it states you are committed for 3 months. That isn't exactly true. You'll be invoiced on your next order, but it's your choice it's you'd like to pay or not.

A little teaser for the next bag is the theme “Weekend in The Hamptons”. Are you on The List? What do you think of this subscription? I want to hear your what you think!

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  • I love the shoes!

  • caffeinatedcali

    Sad to hear your experience with their service is so bad. My experience was too. It’s no way to run a business to be SO gosh darn rude towards your customers. And I had heard she favored bloggers…

    • Thanks for your comment! It is very disappointing to hear that this is happening to quite a lot of people. I’ve learned to now do your homework with subscription services. Always make sure they have a reputable name and how their customer service is.

  • birchboxlove

    She kicked me out of her service for leaving a comment on another bloggers page about an item i didn’t like. Know you’re not alone in being offended.

  • Starnova

    Wow. Just so unbelievable. Thanks for sharing with us (fellow subscription box lovers) your experience.

    • It is unfortunate. I know I wasn’t the only one who had this experience, so I felt it best to warn people.

  • I had an odd experience with this subscription myself. I won’t be resubscribing. I loved the 2 items I received this month–though I was supposed to have 2 months combined due to a glits and an extra gift….and that didn’t happen. But I didn’t get charged for my 3rd month so I don’t know.

    • With all the people coming forward with bad experiences, I wonder if anyone has had a consistently good experience?

  • Ashley

    why aren’t you saying what happened to make your experience so horrible?

  • just louise please

    Wow… I’m so surprised! This was a subscription box that I was dying to try for my blog (http://wp.me/3z4Hk) and was doing some research when I ran across this review… curious to know what happened. Will definitely continue my reading around…

    • You can read about part of my experience, along with others at Makeuptalk.com in the I-Ella thread. There is a more to what happened in my situation. I don’t appreciate how Ella treats her customers with such discrimination.

      • just louise please

        Found it! I’ll read the thread over there! Thank you for sharing!

  • Julie

    Wow you got the exact same box as me but I subscribe to the soho bag which costs significantly more than the starter bag. Wow I’m very upset to know I overpaid. That’s not right.


    I have had a HORRIBLE experience with ella and will NOT be subscribing EVER AGAIN.

    • I am so sorry to hear that. The number of dissatisfied customers keeps growing.